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How to Attend a Concert

Abby Maliszewski, Editor in Chief

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Last week, I attended the Ariana Grande Concert in St. Paul. The concert reminded me of a few concert tips. One of the tips: make sure you take extra money for water. I got so dehydrated halfway through the concert, that I got sick. Concerts can be the best experience of your life, or the worst experience of you life, depending on how prepared you are. As someone who has been to many concerts, I want to inform you all about the concert do’s and don’ts.

Buying the tickets: If you have never been to a concert, it is hard to decide what tickets to purchase. The best site to buy tickets from is Ticketmaster because it is the most reputable. Along with your tickets, Ticketmaster allows you to purchase ticket insurance, which protects your tickets from being a scam. The best tickets usually range from $65 to $120 depending on the show, and are well worth the money. The cheaper tickets are usually not worth the money. The cheaper tickets are usually so far away from the stage, that the performer isn’t even visible. Yes, you still get to experience the concert, but you do not get the full effect. Spending a little more money on tickets closer to the stage is worth it. During the first concert I attended, Five Seconds of Summer, I bought nose bleed seats because they were the most affordable. Despite having a good time, I could not see the band throughout the concert.

What to wear: Dressing up for a concert sounds like a good idea, but after 4 sweaty hours of being in a room with hundreds of people, you will wish you wore something more comfortable. A good outfit would be leggings or sweatpants, and a t-shirt. Also make sure if you have long hair, you bring a hair tie. Make sure you wear a comfortable pair of shoes, such as tennis shoes. If you want to bring a purse, make sure it goes over your shoulder so you can wear it throughout the concert.

Before the concert: Make sure you arrive to the concert at least 45 minutes early. When arriving at the concert, you should purchase a few water bottles to stay hydrated.  If you want to purchase merchandise, make sure you get in line right away, so you don’t miss some of the concert standing in line. At the merchandise stand, there are usually t-shirts, posters, CDs, etc for sale. Depending on how many things you want, make sure you bring at least $60 in cash to the concert for water, food and merchandise.

During the concert: Make sure you take pictures, but do not spend the whole concert behind your phone. Record a few seconds of your favorite songs, and take a few pictures. Then you can enjoy the concert. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the concert so you don’t get sick.

Most of all, make sure you have fun. Concerts are a lot more fun if you know what you are doing.

Some concerts coming up include: Bon Jovi, Green Day, Chris Brown, John Mayer, Chance the Rapper, and Ed Sheeran.

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How to Attend a Concert